We're working hard on working towards our anticipated Summer release for Keizu. The newest information can be found on our studio and personal social media pages. Curious to learn more about our work? Send us an email through the contact form located on our website. 


Keizu Update 0.4.5

- New passive NPC animations and sprites

-Updated generated lighting in some areas

- Added new areas to chapter 2 & fixed bugs in chapter 1

What's new?

Check out fanart, developer Q&A and more through our social media pages and discord server! Want to talk with us about Keizu or even pitch your ideas? We're always happy to have new fans to talk to. 

Fun stuff

Adventure, romance, drama, mystery and cute animal spirits. This unforgettable story-driven adventure has everything you could ask for. Keizu is a game for those who love both Visual Novel and Adventure games. It combines elements of both genres of games to create an engaging world for you as the player to explore.

The town of Udosa is small and quiet. It's thought to be the perfect place for anyone wanting to start a new life. But, what happens at night unbeknownst to those who live there could change it forever. The story of Keizu: A Life In The Woods, follows Rowan, after experiencing a traumatic event that leaves her feeling depressed and defeated. When she has a run in with the ghost of her great grandpa Gin and a mysterious forest spirit, life for Rowan changes forever as she goes on an adventure to save the ancient forest near her home from the destruction of corporate overlords.

Keizu has something for everyone featuring a story involving the main character Rowan's struggle to find her place in the world after a tragic accident leaves her fiance dead. When she feels hopeless and lost, the spirits of her ancestors help guide her back to finding herself. Rowan meets new friends, finds new hobbies and helps save the woods near her town from destruction in her journey to recovery.